Integrated Heat Pipe Assemblies


Heat pipes have many advantages and applications in thermal solutions. Heat pipes transport significant amounts of heat without a large increase in temperature, but do not dissipate any heat out of the system by themselves.

This unique transfer capability allows heat pipes to transport or spread heat to a point remote from the heat generator. Integrating a heat pipe into a system can open new thermal solutions to systems with high density power loads, enclosed or limited space, weight restrictions, or limited airflow. The availability of a wide range of heat pipes sizes and power handling capabilities make them suitable for integration in heat sinks for 50W processors to multi kilowatt IGBTs.


Aavid’s Heat Pipe Exploration and Discovery Kits


Aavid’s Heat Pipe Exploration and Discovery Kits are designed for you to get your hands onto our heat pipes to get a feel for how they work, what they do, and try them in your own application. Our new Discovery kit is a smaller version of our popular exploration kit and is appropriate for a small team working on a few projects. Our larger exploration kit can be used by larger teams working on multiple projects.

Learn more about what you can do with our heat pipe kits. Download our Heat Pipe Brochure!

Heat Pipe Exploration Kit
For larger groups
90 heat pipes diameter 4 - 8 mm
30 Condenser Caps and plates
30 Evaporator Caps and plates
200 M3 Screws
1.1 Oz. Thermal Grease

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Heat Pipe Discovery Kit
For smaller groups
30 heat pipes diameter 4 - 6 mm
8 Condenser Caps and plates
8 Evaporator Caps and plates
100 M3 Screws
1.1 Oz. Thermal Grease

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Many engineers that have worked with thermal management are familiar with the basic concept: heat pipes transfer heat from the source to a location where it can be safely or more easily dissipated. Sounds simple. However, heat pipes still remain a commonly misunderstood technology.

Our Engineers put together a document discussing the 7 common Heat pipe Myths.
Myth #1: If heat pipes break, they will get liquid on my electronics. Download to read the rest.




Download the 7 Common Heat Pipe Myths





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